Every order that you place at M.B Collections is only dispatched after your due confirmation and approval regarding colour, size and other important specifications of the product with proper care. Due to the differences in color monitors/screens and lighting used during photo shoots, the exact color or texture of the final item may slightly vary from what is seen on screen, therefore products cannot be exchanged for this reason. Furthermore we use the standard equipment in as much realistic environment as practicable in order to ensure the real presentation of the product(s). Therefore we do not entertain the returns/exchange in any case. However, if you are not convinced to your satisfaction level about any feature(s) of the product(s), you may, follow these steps:

What if i receive a Damaged item? 

Every order placed at M.B Collections is handled with proper care and trust. But if you receive a damaged item please follow the steps below:

  • We recommed our customers to make a video while opening the package so that the evidence is available while making a claim. Share the image/video within 24 hours of receiving the Package in the form below or Write an email to [email protected].
  • We have a 24/7 Customer support Chat available, Our Customer Representative will forward your complaint and your request for Exchange will be sent for approval.
  • After Approval of the request, you will receive the email confirmation from customer Representative regarding your complaint.
  • You will pack the damaged piece in the box (you received in) with Courier company flyer.
  • The Rider will arrive at your provided address again with a new package, you can give him the previous package and receive the new one. 
  • Exchange Policy is only valid till 24 hours of you receiving your package, after the specified time frame Exchange complaint will not be considered as valid.
  • You can only Exchange the product with same products displayed on the Site. 
  • Items bought in Sale cannot be exchanged.
  • In case the article is Out of Stock we will compensate those damages in your next order via a Coupon.

How to apply for Exchange with a different Product?

  • To exchange an item (Product must be within same price range), please fill out the form provided with the reason and order details.
  • Once our customer support team approves the exchange we will send out your package to our warehouse.
  • Please note that you are responsible for the cost of exchanging the items from both sides.

On following terms and conditions Exchange request will be rejected:

Your request for exchange will be rejected if:

  1. You Claim that you suddenly don’t find it attractive.
  2. You are raising claims to the details that are already mentioned in product specifications.
  3. You Claim that product is Heavy/Light weight.
  4. Exchange request is made outside the specified time frame.
  5. The product is damaged because of use, or is tampered with.
  6. Anything is missing from the package including tags, labels & original packing.

For Size Issue:

  • Exact Measurements of sizes provided by you in Bangles/Rings would be sent to you. So, be sure to select your exact Bangle/Ring size. (For Size Exchange you are responsible for the cost of exchanging the items from both sides.)

Do you offer Refund?

  • No Cash Refund

Can i Borrow an article and send it back after using it?

  • No Wear and Return, we strictly prohibit any Wear and Return.

Can i Exchange an article that was Made on Order?

  • Articles made on order cannot be exchanged in any case.

How can i Cancel my order?

  • You may cancel your order at any time before the shipping process. After your due confirmation and the shipment of your order, you will receive an email/Sms with a tracking number against your order. If you cancel your order after this Cancellation charges may apply.
  • We reserves this right of cancelling your order for the reasons including, unavailability of stock, declined in payment or the inaccuracy of pricing.


    Upload Image:

    • If Your Reason is authentic we’ll move on with your complaint.
    • Kindly Read the Terms & Conditions Provided above.
    • If Your Form Doesn’t Meet the Criteria your form will be automatically rejected.

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