About Us

Welcome to M.B Collections by M.Bilal:
Over the past 6 years M.B Collections by M.Bilal has been one of the most trusted Name with Expertise & Experience in the manufacturing of Artificial Jewelry. With your love & Support M.B Collections by M.Bilal is now One of the most Exclusive traditional designer Brand in the Fashion Industry.

“Every Piece of Jewelry Carries an Emotion and Defines the Uniqueness of your Personality because Jewelry is an outlet for Love and Expression. So go ahead and flaunt them with love”
-M.Bilal Collections

Our Promise

We Ensure that Every small Detail, Quality & Manufacturing is handled by Fine Craftsmanship. Because your trust & Satisfaction is our Top most priority.
Here at M.B Collections by M.Bilal We carry a Little Something for everyone because every individual has a unique style that defines their personality & style. With the huge Variety we carry we’ll help you define your Style today. Be that Chic, Traditional, Casual or Modern along with our Expertise in Customization of your “Special Day” (Bridal) Jewelry. Every single Detail is mesmerized with Fine craftsmanship & Elegance to make your day even more special.

With Passing time this Brand will grow & You’ll soon Find our Outlets everywhere until than we hope that Our package brings Love & Joy to everyone who Buys it & Makes us a part of their Life.


“To be the market leaders in the field of fashion and accessories for leadership in craftsmenship, manufacturing and fine quality.”


“With the power of Teamwork, emphasis on quality and assurance of reliability; M.B Collections strives to achieve greater level of expertise and develop long lasting relationship with its clients.”

Our Values

International Outlook

Despite operating locally, M.B Collections ensures to be driven by International standards in check. Our representation and products are run through optimum quality checks, ensuring the best experience for you not just anywhere around the world, but here in Pakistan, at your doorstep!


Knowledge is power and M.B Collections has the wand to give you that – with our fine craftsmanship, guidelines and experience, we are constantly working on new ways to enlighten people about the art of Jewelry and soon hope for you to take the art of Jewelry to new heights!

Creativity & Innovation

Our out of the box approach allows for a different way of thinking and ultimately a unique experience for those who connect with us.


At M.B Collections, our employment opportunities are not limited to any race, ethnicity or gender – we take great pride in utilizing an individual based on his/her expertise for every person possesses the capability to change the world and M.B Collections is here to give you that platform.

Customer Centricity

We consider communication to be the key; we strive on keeping our customers very well informed by receiving regular updates. Friendly, yet concise and clear communication messages.


We believe teamwork empowers our individual strengths. As an organization we all work together as a team because we believe that a strong team always outperform strong individuals.

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